A ball's adventure

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Ballex is a 3D action-puzzle game with aesthetically pleasing graphics and intricate gameplay. You will need to control a ball that can alter between different physical states throughout the levels. You will face the challenges in different levels including a variety of weather conditions and monumental sky gardens. You need to utilize the structures around you and dodge between traps to clear the level.

Are you up for the challenge?

Built-in levels

Ballex1.1 includes 18 different levels and difficulty increases gradually. We will add more levels in the future developments.

Excellent custom levels

You can get the levels created by other players in Steam Workshop, which gives you customized experience.

Ballex MapEditor

Mapeditor is an editor designed for Ballex. You can show off your creativity by making your own levels and upload them to the game.

Ballex MapEditor (BME 3.1) has included in Ballex on steam.

Download now

Ballex is avaliable in Steam now! XD